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It is said that the best way to win a challenge is to do practice and get trained properly. The more you sweat in training, lesser you bleed in battle. In these high competitive times one has to get prepared in efficient way, so that one can handle the pressure comfortably without the loss of enthusiasm for achieving success.

Similarly in academics too, aspirants have to face the heat of competition at regular basis throughout their school as well as college days. While appearing for the placement drives the competition gets to achieve its highest point.

Every student has different level of potential which is needed to be harnessed in best possible way. For yielding the best outcome from a student, the fear situated in the mind of the student is needed to be handled in careful manner. While going for placements, a student has to handle much kind of such fears which not only includes the fear of failure but also regarding the environment he/she going to get after the placement, if he/she gets placed. Our campus training programs helps the students in getting prepared for better tomorrow.


Our campus training program exposes the students to the real world situation which makes the students efficient and helpful in delivering best according to their potential. The training makes them showcase their talent in best efficient way in professional world, which is beneficial not only for them but also for the organization for which they work.


The trainers associated with us are highly knowledgeable persons who know their field of expertise very well. They believe in implementing the concept in the practical way too rather than just following the theoretical way.


The theory based approach may make an individual well knowledgeable about any subject and to make it applicable in real world professional situations, one should have proper practical exposure too. We take special care in providing such practical environment so that we can make equally competent professionals, who can deliver calmly according to requirements without getting nervous in such situations.


We put our best efforts in designing such training programs as well as providing highly supportive environments for the students, so that they can understand the concepts in peculiar way and provide pinpoint solutions whenever situation demands.


We put our best efforts in designing specialized training programs as well as providing highly supportive environments according to industry in current time.


Our experts constantly keep providing guidance to the students for the placement related needs. We understand their strength and weakness thoroughly and assist them in getting suitable placement solutions.


JAVA is one of the most industry sought programming language worldwide. It is a comprehensive Object Oriented Programming language. The students and job aspirants who are seeking jobs can get plenty of opportunities as Java programmer in job world through learning the Java language. They can further strengthen their Java skills through Sun Java Certification exams.

The Six week Java learning program by EduEncrafters features all the fundamentals and significant concepts in Java. This program would provide an explicit overview of use of assorted technologies in J2EE and use of Struts framework to be applicable for development on massive scale. Students would get a comprehensive understanding on Java while keeping pace with current requirements as well as anticipating the future behavior of the industry. Our Six week Java program not only complements the industry needs but also designed while keeping the latest curriculum thought in colleges in consideration. Therefore, college going students too can join and easily adapt with the program. And can provide the certificate of program earned from here to college as an industrial training certificate.

We also provide placement assistance and consultancy facility for the efficiently grabbing the job opportunity. Our program not only makes the student learn and understand the skill, but assistance in showcasing these skills in industry too.



Java is a very popular language for developing variety of applications. Java is platform independent and operation system independent. It runs on browsers, desktops, servers and even on mobile devices. Students opting to study Java have very good career prospects in application programming and web developed. They don't have to have prior programming knowledge to learn JAVA J2EE at DUCAT JAVA J2EE course at DUCAT starts from the very basic and covers the advanced concepts as well. The students would learn to create desktop applications, use various technologies in J2EE, and use Struts and Servlets to make complicated networks simple and manageable. JAVA J2EE @ DUCAT makes the students job ready, conceptually and fundamentally strong in the language through hands on approach. Students get plenty of exercises and projects to test and try all the concepts taught to them. This training creates a strong foundation for those wanting to take up Sun Java Certified Web Component Developer examination (SJCWCD). All courses at DUCAT including JAVA are designed by subject experts and rendered by professionals who have worked in the technology. Also, DUCAT as organisation has carried out various projects on JAVA technology and thus has an edge over others offering the same course. DUCAT knows what the industry expects from JAVA professionals and has structured the JAVA J2EE course with real time application requirements in mind. Thus our students are equipped to be productive from the day 1 on the job.


HIBERNATE is a very powerful aspect of advanced JAVA which brings about the maps the Object Oriented features of JAVA with relational model. This course at DUCAT would train you to design application using Hibernate concepts, learn and understand the use of important Hibernate capabilities, its strengths and combine it with Spring Framework. Spring Framework is a type of application framework that can be used to create high performing, reusable code without any lock-in. Spring makes development of J2EE easier. Therefore those who have mastered J2EE should take up this course as next logical step. DUCAT does not make it mandatory to be through with J2EE but knowledge would aid in better understanding of the concepts. This course is popular among those into developing JAVA application, architects, programmers, engineers, managers and those into development or integration of complex enterprise-level Java applications.The JAVA HIBERNATE SPRING course at DUCAT gives the participant in-depth coverage and lots of practical exercises to understand the technology and make the best use of it in real time situations. The course is designed by our experts who have mastered the technology. The consultants teaching the courses have hands on experience on this technology. This spectacular combination ensures that the students are job ready when they pass out of the course.


The classroom training programs at EduEncrafters provides a dynamic window of knowledge and learning to the respective students. Our knowledgeable faculty members keep putting their best efforts in making the students easily understand the concept in discussion. Therefore, apart from just implementing the theory, our faculties members go for practical methods too and make the students understand the topic of discussion in efficient and long lasting way.


While keeping our pace parallel to contemporary times, we make our student go for such solutions which produces maximum results with minimum input efforts. Such result oriented approach makes them to learn to extract best from the resources.


We try to implement dynamic environment while taking practical approach, so that students can make decisions on dynamic basis while keeping the interest of all.


With real life like situations it becomes easier for students to adapt and learn the gravity of the situations and make decisions based on the demand of situation.


We keep ourselves easily accessible for the students. One can consult us for almost any kind of query, whether it’s academic help, placement assistance, training related issue or any kind of administrative issue. We believe in keeping healthy communication for better and long-lasting relationship.


HIBERNATE makes the relational model bridge with object oriented features of JAVA. It is highly recommended for the students who have learned JAVA/J2EE, as next thing to learn to make them technically stronger regarding JAVA language. Through the training at EduEncrafter, we train the students to design application using Hibernate concepts. Also make them to learn and understand the use of important Hibernate capabilities, so that they can apply its strengths and combine it with Spring Framework. Spring Framework is one such strong tool as a framework which helps in creating highly efficient and reusable codes without any lock-in. We train our students in such a way that not only they understand the concepts of these, but can easily apply in real industrial requirements.

Advantages of our JAVASPRING & HIBRENATE training program
  • Expertise in corporate/ retail/ consultants & solutions
  • Global certified & experienced professionals to impact knowledge
  • Limited number of students per batch
  • Practical hands-on experience on each topic
  • Technical sessions with real time exposure
  • Gain presentation to an expert work climate
  • Placement support - job fair/ client walk-in drive
  • Industry based real time projects
  • Our syllabus meets industry demand
  • Helps assess and focus future blueprint.

career options for Java Program

you will be in a position to take up Software Developer and Java/J2EE Developer positions. A career in Java is thus very lucrative and rewarding. Java developers are finding new jobs using Hired. Your career could start as any of the following: Java Video Game Programmer. Java Web Developer. Java Webmaster. Java Developer. Web Software Engineer.