EduEncrafters Job and Training Expo

EduEncrafters cordially invites you to attend and participate in our “National Job & Training Expo” at following venues:

  • Delhi
  • Bengaluru
  • Mumbai
  • Kolkata

This event will comprise a significant number of employers/agencies to boost their internship programs, summer jobs and career opportunities for students in various fields, such as IT, Telecom, Retail, Hospitality, Sales & Marketing, HR, and Logistics & Supply Chain Management etc.

The aim of this event is to bridge the employers and aspirants according to employment opportunities while matching the capabilities of aspirants with requirements of employers.

Around 5000 and more students/aspirants are expected to attend the event having educational qualifications like BTech, MCA, PGDM, MBA, BBA & BCA with professional experience of 0 to 3 years. We also expect more than 50 companies to come for participation in this Job Fair event.

The applicable charge for Employer Registration is INR 70,000 for Delhi based firms/companies. For more details please feel free to contact us.

The objective of Job Fair is to match the best qualified job seekers with the best suitable employment opportunity.

Such events and job fairs are fine platform to meet the representatives from the respective employer companies coming from various service sectors and industries, that too within compact amount time and space. A job fair provides a remarkable networking & interaction opportunity for the students/aspirants where they can easily obtain the contact details for future reference too.

Advantages for a Job Seeker by Job Fair

  • A splendid opportunity for the students/aspirants to consult the representatives coming from various companies of many industries
  • Get useful insights regarding the respective industry which can be helpful in making career choices
  • Gain precious knowledge related to interview experiences and job related advices from working professionals
  • Get to know about the current requirements of the companies from their professionals and can submit resume for further proceedings
  • Apart from the field aspirants are looking for job, they can tentatively analyze other fields too with career prospective
  • Grow network with lots of professionals for future opportunities
  • Aspirants can attend the suitable job interviews and get offer letter if selected

Advantages for an Employer by Job Fair

  • A cost effective way for Employer to get lots of efficient candidate for their requirements
  • A nice platform to promote the brand of the company among job seekers and potential clients
  • Chance to meet versatile aspirants/students
  • Huge number of employee requirements can be fulfilled in cost effective manner
  • Employers can analyze the potential job seeker dynamically and immediately
Almost 20% of the aspirants who attend such Job fair walk out with offer letter. Multiple job opportunities available for candidates to grab instantly

The internship/training programs empowers the students to head start their career and secure a proper job in their field of interest up to the end of the program. As an intern/trainee, one gets opportunity to work part time and gets paid for a fine amount of compensation as stipend. While attending the internship/training program at the EduEncrafters the aspirants are constantly monitored and guided by encouraging mentors to make their performance professionally better. The program not only makes them exposed to practical environment but makes them to deliver efficiently even in the real challenging situations while in the real professional world.

What To Bring: Please have 20-25 copies of your updated resume, effectively showcasing the educational qualification, skills and abilities. After properly doing it’s proof-read, print it on white or cream colored paper sheets. It is recommended to have as different sets of resumes as many types of industries aspirant wants to apply. For example, if you want to apply for IT as well as Retail sector job opportunities, it will be better if you prepare two different dedicated sets for both types.

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