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Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management at EduEncrafters is planned in such comprehensive way that it can easily fulfill the current needs of the dynamically changing global Logistics industry.

This Diploma course by EduEncrafters makes the students understand the basic fundamentals of the Logistics industry. We make them learn about the details of management aspects related to Logistics sector such as Warehouse & Inventory Management, Principles and Practices of management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Business Communication, Human Resource Management, eCommerce Fundamentals, ICT Applications in Supply Chain Management etc.

About Logistics Industry

The Logistics industry currently employs over 17 million employees and is a multimillion dollar industry in monetary terms. It is growing dynamically over the years and expected to employ more than 28.4 million employees by the 2022. This is a huge number of 11 million professionals required and therefore, it can be considered as one of the most promising sector for upcoming years.

The Logistics industry requires the sharp skills of managing and controlling the flow of goods, energy, information and other resources from the starting of production up to reaching to the marketplace. Logistics management needs to be cleverly handle the supply chain so that the right and required goods reach at the right place in time as well as in sufficient amount, while being keeping all the associated factors cost effective.

Career in Logistics Industry

The Logistics industry in India is currently developing at positive rate and it is expected that it will create more business of nearly 110 billion dollar in upcoming two tears. A tentative estimate says that the industry would need approximately 4.2 lakh of skillful professionals by the year 2019.

Advantages of Our Diploma Course

  • Flexibility in terms of timings and study centre
  • Up-to-date academic syllabi as per the industry
  • Proper Support to Students for Academics
  • Assistance to Students for career choices
  • Usage of modern tools and technology for teaching
  • Very reasonable fee structure
  • Focus on practical knowledge according to industry for better performance
  • Inclusive of real world case studies and team projects related to product development
  • A reasonable amount of modules made for best implementation of knowledge such as Principles of Logistics Management, Economics & Management Decisions, Application of IT in Supply Chain Management, Marketing Management, Supply Chain Management, Safety & Security Measures, Insurance Basics, Strategic Management, Planning for Logistics & Transportation, CRM, Purchasing & Supply Management, Professional Bodies involved in logistics, Cold chain Management.
  • Integrated Internship/Training in the industry of 3 to 4 months.

Significant Points of Indian Logistic industry

  • The Government of India is taking several initiatives constantly to enhance the manufacturing and therefore, exports and logistic work is bound to rise too.
  • The rapidly growing eCommerce market with companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon etc. the scope and chances are positively growing for logistics & supply chain professionals too.
  • The upcoming implementation of uniform GST system on national level is expected to favorably affect the distribution mechanism of several industries, as GST reduces the requirement of dedicated warehouses for each particular administrative segment.

It can be easily deduced by sincerely analyzing the current scenario that there will be a surge in demand of expert professionals in the logistics and supply chain management, and as an aspirant one can expect a fine career in that segment of industry.

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