About Us

EduEncrafters, is one of the leading education companies, that aims at providing quality education to the youth and thereby making them employable.

We envisage bridging the gap between available skills and employment needs and therefore facilitate overall development of the student.

We believe we can offer the highest quality of resources for Entry Level and Middle Management job roles. The key characteristics of our offering include:

  • State-of-the-art curriculum
  • Use of cutting edge Technology in Training Delivery and Student Management Systems
  • Modern learning environment to the students
  • Strong Industry linkages for placements

We provide trained individuals to upcoming industry requirements for manpower. Young individuals can join EduEncrafters for a promising career in Hospitality, Retail, Travel & Tourism and Telecom sectors. Together with the services sector, individuals can upgrade their educations by doing Post-Graduate and Other Management Courses.

EduEncrafters believes in quality education and has therefore brought with them subject-matter expertise in various fields.

Why Choose Us

EduEduEncrafters offers a complete range of services for telecom networks on turnkey basis or as per the specific mode defined by the customer. We provide Engineering Services to Enterprises as well as Telecom Operators in both Wireless and Wireline domains. We supply tailor made solutions in the field of operations and maintenance. The knowledge, experience and flexibility of our employees enable us to fulfill our responsibilities in accordance with service level agreements.

We provide Educational services for churning out industry ready professionals. The objective of our training division is to bridge the knowledge gap that currently exists in the industry, primarily due to the change in technology on a regular basis. We provide opportunity for fresh graduates and diploma engineers so that they may update themselves as per the current telecom technologies. Our training comprises of classroom learning along with hands-on field experience. We provide a launch pad especially for fresh graduates and diploma engineers, who look forward to a career in the telecom industry. Additionally, we are also into Skill Development program to meet the gap in demand and supply of various Skill sets.

We provides trained personnel to several organizations to help them achieve the desired results. Meeting customer expectations is always given overriding priority. A working environment characterized by respect for the individual, strong work ethics and client empathy is encouraged. Our highly qualified and trained personnel with their unique blend of knowledge, enthusiasm and ambition have always been a driving factor in the growth of the manpower outsourcing.

EduEncraftersis the perfect choice for undergraduate and post graduate studies.

  • We at EduEncraftersbelieve to shape young individuals and help them in building a strong career and thereby build a strong social society.
  • We aim at meeting the evolving need of the service industry by bridging the demand and supply gap of manpower.

Together with the different short term and long term courses, The 'English for Life' English program offered to the students is a built-in module for all the courses.

This will help the students to improve their communication skills and soft skills.

English for Life

English for Life, a unique initiative of EduEncraftersis a comprehensive English program for students from all walks of life. This English program has three levels- English Ready, English Steady, and English Go. The program will focus on reading, listening, writing and speaking skills.

All the sessions are interactive and activity based with special focus on speaking skills.

Our Classroom

At EduEncrafters, student gets a comfortable classroom to study with all the amenities. Fully air-conditioned classrooms, smart room with a projector helps in using the latest pedagogy for teaching students.

Our Pedagogy

The pedagogy of EduEncrafters is unique as it is a blend teaching practices that facilitates overall development of the student.

  • Classroom presentations
  • Industry Visits
  • Interactive sessions
  • Guest lectures by industry stalwarts
  • Internship and practical knowledge

Our Mission and Vision

EduEncraftersis a vision to impart top class education to young individuals and make them employable in the service sector. The curriculum is created to provide skilled professionals in the service industry.

Today the service industry is faced with huge challenge of getting skilled professionals. A professional will be termed as a 'skilled professional' only if he/she can successfully perform multiple roles.

We believe in imparting world class education to young minds in the technical and Management fields.

Director Speaks

"What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing", is a famous quote by Aristotle. Learning is a life long pursuit; educationist and planners have evolved the concept of continuing education. It affirms that the completion of the formal phase of education does not signal the end of the learning phase in the life of an individual. The same applies to a student who undergoes a journey of learning process at EduEncrafters.

We at EduEncrafters believe that the learning cycle of an individual begins on the day of counselling session itself. Here we try to understand the individual's mind, e.g. Many individuals are interested to read or know about EduEncrafters, some show higher interest in taking a tour of the institute, enquiring about infrastructure, faculties etc. Some are interested to attend a live classroom. During the induction week, the student undergoes a special training session to gauge the learning type. Subsequently in the class as well, teaching is done using diverse learning methodologies.

Broadly we distinguish our classroom sessions into cognitive and behavioural segments. Here both theoretical and practical knowledge is given to the students. Cognitive segment covers lectures, demonstrations, discussions, virtual reality learning, etc.

Behavioural aspect would include business games and simulation, case studies, equipment simulators, role plays etc. Frequent seminars and workshops are organised for HM, BBA and MBA students by industry experts.

If we say providing knowledge requires a lot of preparation, and information should be customised so that it penetrates to various segments; then it becomes equally challenging to evaluate the learning. At EduEncrafters, we believe that leaning should be evaluated at different stages of the learning process. To implement the thought, knowledge is evaluated at three possible levels:

  • Information
  • Factual Knowledge
  • Dynamic Knowledge

Information level includes recall of the information that has been transmitted on any given area. Factual Knowledge level tests the descriptive knowledge; whereas Dynamic Knowledge level assesses analytical understanding of theories, issues, problems etc. Therefore a complete development cycle of the student is focused. Further we also focus on qualities such as self-initiative and self-evaluation. The complete learning wheel is employed; such as goal setting, to experimenting and observing, to reviewing, and finally action implementation. The complete process allows one to learn new skills, new attitudes or even entirely new ways of thinking.

The teaching and assessing methodologies have helped students to develop their skills, and the same is evident seeing the placement records. Students of EduEncrafters are placed in leading hotels and companies with a proven track record.